About Us


Our Philosophy

After identifying that there was no public universally available talent agency that has:

  • No Joining/Monthly Fees & still
  • Provides All Resources
  • Networking Opportunities &
  • Guides You About Your Career or Entertainment Brand/Project.

It's a family structured organisation;

  • We share resources !
  • To create bigger resources !
  • Better experiences !
  • & the best results !

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Our Story

Our Founder chose to embark on a life quest, to provide a platform for all who want to join, understand and flourish in the Entertainment Industry, whether as a performer, in management or production, to be able to collaborate and connect with other industry members; socially, creative or business-wise.


Meet the Team

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Founder & CEO

Catch this guy networking, brainstorming around town, connecting with other Creative Arts enthusiasts, actively building a community around the lifestyle and culture; online and offline.

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The Industry


Over and over again people enter the industry only to be turned down because of money first policies and being let down because their not famous enough or talented enough.

In reality 'Talent' is just a skill that you've trained.


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The People


The amount of talent and possibilities out there, only if people had the guidance or resources, then there would be a world full of diverse, amazing creative individuals, flourishing and disrupting the industry !

We're here to make that all a reality.

Join The Industry Network

Join the Family if you are an individual or group in the entertainment industry; whether in Management, Performing or Production sector