'PhaseMeNow Partners' can now join to be added to our 'Bookings Platform', and manage their bookings via the site; after applying you will be reviewed and contacted, thereafter you will be able to list yourself, and sell your services via our website.

Some services you can find are:

  • Private Venue Hire

  • Performers;

    • Dancers

    • DJ

    • Artist

    • Comedian

    • Hosts & More !

  • Production Services;

    • Photographer

    • Video Director

    • Music Producers & More !

  • Escorts;

    • Security

    • Companionship


Support Services

We offer sales support (tickets, merchandise), customer support and work with our partners marketing plans to make them more effective.



  • Brand Social Image/Company Networking Relations

  • Career; Individuals, Groups

  • Event

    • Organising

    • Styling

    • Coordinating

    • Hosting

    • Staff Support Services

    • Promotions


When Aim To Be Your Backup Along The Way

Our goal is to be there to guide you, and be of aid in any situation; after all we're the PhaseMeNow Family !

We will get you out there

We aim to create such a network that it's almost like a storybook, and every in the network is a character and the whole world is reading our book; it's just about being organised and getting the book out right ! 🙂

Our goal is to create a new subculture with our community, and point out the root culture of entertainment, and synchronise it with the lifestyle of our viewers, fans and family members.

Entertainment is a 'Lifestyle'

How one entertains ones self is part of their 'Culture'.

Clubbing is a culture.

Theatre is a culture.

Every 'Lifestyle' has a culture it revolves around.



Join The Industry Network

Join the Family if you are an individual or group in the entertainment industry; whether in Management, Performing or Production sector